Sunday, 11 January 2009

Organistaional Elections in the Congress

It is heartening to here that Sri Rahul Gandhi is planning to have his supporters or members call him and air their grivences and complaints. This will make him more accessible and he will get the real feedback to make the party stronger.
I am a congress supporter since 1969 and had access to Mrs Indira Gandhi as a supporter and she was listening and understanding the proeblems of the ordinary congress worker eventhough she had access to all sort of inormations, This made the party stronger. The comeback to power in 1980 even after Congress lost power in 1977 and got only 151 loksabha seats. she could comeback to power on her own party's strength in 1980 with more than 350 seats.This can be done only if grassroot party workers have a say in running the party affairs.Internal democracy and elections to all levels from booth committe to CWC & CEC will be possible if Rahul Gandhi is able to keep in touch with ordinary workers and keep away defectors who have nothing but personal interest in mind