Sunday, 3 June 2012

What Congress DO TO WIN elections

    The recent loss in the elections by the Congress is attributed by the media and analysts as a losing charisma of the Gandhi family and mainly on Rahul Gandhi. I disagree with them totally. The main reason for the lose in the elections is its pro capitalist policies and abandonment of the socialistic programmes which was aggressively pursued by late Indira Gandhi in spite of vocal media criticism. Indian National Congress is a liberal left of centrist party which is not only secular but encourages all shades of people flourish under it.Late Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao initiated the liberalisation process in tune with the intention to make India globally competitive and reap its benefit for the large mass of poor people.Dr.Manmohan Singh was successful since he was ably led by PVN and wanted a middle path to be pursued with human touch. However, Dr.Manmohan Singh instead of pursuing a middle of path of socialist policies where both private and public sector compete with each other for the betterment of the common man, total crony capitalism is being implemented where the benefits of economic progress is garnered by the rich to make them super rich at the cost of the common man and in turn they become poorer.Dr.Singh blindly led by the industrialists and told to make reforms which will benefit them  personally rather than to the nation as a whole.He is not a leader but only an outstanding administrator who can perform excellently under visionary leadership like PVN.Indira Gandhi, who inserted SECULAR AND SOCIALIST  to the preamble of our constitution too wanted reforms and private public partnership where the profits have to be shared with the people.

In order to gain the confidence of the voters Congress has to take the following steps:

1.All those who stay in the rented houses must be made owners of the houses they stay like the land reforms implemented on the basis of TILLER IS THE OWNER. This will break the muscle of real estate mafias
2.Food Security Bill must be implemented with all the vigor and should be made universal under PDS without any eligibility criteria.
3.Minimum wages act should be linked to the maximum salary of the top most executive  and it must not be less than 1% of the highest paid in the company. Just like minimum wages, there must be cap on top executive pay packages.
4. All eligibility restrictions  under the Bonus payment Act  must be removed and minimum one month wage as bonus must be made  mandatory without any higher ceiling.
5. Universal free health care where during in service and in retirement all the health insurance and hospitalization expense has to be met by the respective companies in both private and public sector companies.It must be made mandatory to provide free health insurance and medical care to be given by the employers without any exemptions.
6.All those who are not employed must be covered by the Rastriya Swasth Bima Yojana(RSBY) without any limit(presently Rs.30000 to BPL families).All private and government hospitals must provide free medical assistance to  50% of  its patients.
7.Inheritance tax must be reintroduced.
8.Super rich must be taxed at higher slab of 50%
9.All reservations must be on the basis of income only
10.Rich must be made to share their riches with the poor and Corporate Social Responsibility must be mandatory and it must be 10% of their net profit

If Indian National Congress takes up pro poor policies just like what Indira Gandhi did in 1969 after Congress lost most of the state elections in 1967 which brought opposition parties in power in most of the states turned the corner in 1972 and brought back the Congress to power.
Congress re invent itself and shed its policy of pleasing the stock market and industrial lobbies which hardly constitute 1% who rakohimavittalblogspotrely votes, and listen to the non vocal voices whcih constitute 99% and who vote regularly without fail.