Monday, 4 June 2012

Siddaramaiah's Resignation as CLP Leader in Karnataka

This has reference to the news item regarding the submission of resignation for the post of Leader of Opposition in the Karnataka Assembly by Siddaramaish.After reading this newsstory I thought it fit to bring few facts of the Indian National Congress which was followed and emulated by all the other political parties in toto. The lack of internal democracy which is the root cause of all the problem leading to dissidence in all our political parties.

As far as Siddaramaiah's resignation is concerned:

1.Siddaramaiah should not forget that he was not elected by the Legislature party of Congress in the Karnataka Assembly and the position he enjoyed as CLP Leader is only due to the favor done by the High command. 
2.Even while Siddaramaih was in opposition and made all out effrts to prevent the  Congress to regain power in Karnataka and he could not succeed.
3.Even while allmost all tall leaders of both Vokkaliga and Lingayath community were opposing the Congress in the 70s, Congress gain power in Karnataka with opposition  form Stalwarts like Nijalingappa,Virendra Patil,Ramakrishna Hegde,Deve Gowda and the entire opposition put together.
5.After Siddaramaiah joined Congress and become leader of the Opposition congress has not gained any seats in the Assembly in any of the bye elections that clearly shows that he has no following of his own
6.If Siddaramaiah wants to become CM, he needs Congress than the Congress needs him.Congress can definitely do without him.
7.He must not also forget that Organaisation is more important than Individual
8.If at all Siddaramaiah can become CM, it could be only if he continues to be with Congress and gain the support of grass root congress workers rather than depending only on High Command.
9.Backward classes and people from weaker sections of the society could become only through Congress and not throgh any other parties.
10.If Congress really interested to come back to power it must first have internal elections at all levels so that leaders with grass root level contacts can emerge as leaders with mass following and must not entertain any defectors from other parties which in turn will hurt the feelings of the people who were and are with the party for decades together. 

So let Siddaramaiah continue in Congress and tour all the nook and corners of Karnataka state and inter act more and more with  ordinary workers of the party and also agitate for the day to day causes of  public so that no one can stop him from becoming the CM once he gains confidence and support of the congress workers and general public for taking up their problems.
 It is quite unfortunate that the media is forgetting that the dissent in almost all the political parties is mainly due to lack of internal democracy and lack of  party forums to articulate their concerns. In all the mjaor countries where democracy is practiced leaders are elected by its its members and step by step rise from the grass root levels to the top.Even if they loose elections within the  party several times and even if they are not nominated to contest the elections,they never left the party and continue to persue their interests by standing firm on their ideologies and principles.Depending on the issues they take up they sometimes branded as liberals,pro market or socilists or simply leftis,rightist or centrist depending on the stands they take on the issues concerning the gneral public. But in our country ideology disappeared totally among all the parties.
Even though Congress is considered as a left off centre party, the AICC Session held at Avadi in 1956 put its final stamp of approval as a party with socialist principles with  dominent role for public sector to create a SOCIALISTIC PATTERN OF SOCIETY.Even the preamble of our constitution was amended to include the word SECULAR,SOCIALISTIC during the tenure of Late Indira Gandhi.
At the same time, committe members and office bearers from all levels starting from booth,Mandal,Block,DCC,PCC & AICC were elected by the active members of the Congress.Regular meetings were held and issues and problems concerning the general public were discussed,debated and decided and taken up at different party forums.Nominees for elections were decieded by election committees.Congress working committees were always consisted of 50% elected directly by the members and other 50% nominated by the elected President to give proper representation to all sections of the people so that right balance is maintained and elected President has got full majority ihe party forums to implement his ideas for the betterment of the people at large