Sunday, 12 August 2012

Internal Democracy among Political Parties in India

This has reference to the article written by Meghnad Desai in his column "Out of my MIND" appeared in The Sunday Express under the headline Not so Fast.Even though he was a self proclaimed liberal and was a active member of Labor Party in Britain,his recent utterences supporting capitalist programmes makes one wonder what his real idiology is.

But off late he is back to his liberal views and the one I support wholeheartedy is to have internal democracy among political parties in India starting from booth level to the highest decision making body. Due to lack of internal discussions in the party forum almost all decisions are taken on the basis of self styled experts in television channels or trade bodies like CII,FICCI,PHD Chambers or Nascom to promote their own vested interests and totally forgetting the ordinary people who are the real stakeholders for whose larger benefits policies and programmes are implemented. Meghnad Desais plea for internal democracy has immense feeling of having known the pulse of the people. Indian National Congress, the oldest political party of our country used to conduct its AICC sessions at periodic intervals and decisions were taken after intense debates and discussions with various members allowed to express their views without fear or favor.Avadi session of 1956 where socialistic pattern of society were adapted and 1969 Bangalore session where ""stray thoughts"of Mrs.Indira Gandhi and also Bombay Session of 1969/70 (After split in Congress) where QUIT POVERTY/GARIBI HATAO resolutions were adated with detailed deliberations and accpeting views from large number of active Congress workers who gave directions to the Government to implement parties policies and programes.
The Gawhati Session of AICC held during emergency in 1975/76 saw the present No.2 in the Cabinet A,K,Antony making a scathing attack on Emergency with Mrs.Indira Gandhi listening to his speech attentively without taking any retributive action against him shows how internal democracy flourished in the Congress.
BJP in its founding conference under the Presidentship of most revered Atal Behari Vajpayee passed a resoultion adapting Gandhian Socialism as its main plank. Now both these parties adapt nomination culture and avoided internal democracy and organisational elections from the grassroot level giving scamt respect to the real aspirations of the people.Today policies and programmes are dictated by the motivated study of the forien conulting agencies who have no knowledge of the real needs of the aspirations of the common people.Their studies are mainly to increase the profit of their masters and nothing to do with reality.Why we should be worried about rating agencies if our fundamentals are strong.In spite of having AAA ratings many developed countries are not able to register even half of the growth rate our country achieved. Our country is having debts raised by our internal resources only due to the higer savings rate of nealy 35% and not have any large foreign debts like PIIGS countries. We need not blindly follow the failed policies of the westren countries in the name of International Best practices which failded to protect these developed countries from collapse.
Let us also not forget that the preamble of our constitution still proclaims as SOVERIEN,SECULAR AND SOCIALIST REPUBLIC. It is not in the best interest of our nation to abandon socialist principles without the approval of majority of our voters just to please the FIIs or FDIs whose sole objective is to make profit and not to solve the problems faced by the millions of people who are below poverty line.
Unless we adapt policies and programmes best suited to the needs of our country with the active involvement of almost all sections of the society in the decision making process.
In this regard the internal democracy and nominations of candidates from the ground level rather than imposed from above will make lot of difference in taking pro peole decsionc rather than decisions favoring very few.This will go a long way in making the democratic roots firm up with active participation of new members and new talents cropping up with new ideas and innovations to solve the mulatifarious problems faced by our country.We have lot of hidden talents wanted to show up and could not do so due to vested interests who are not ready to vacate thier well entrenched positons..