Saturday, 29 December 2012

Rape in Delhi-Can it be prevented?

The highly justified protests over the death of a brave girl Abhaya in the Elizbeth Hospital at Singapore has invited larger debate in the electronic media and very large members both from men & women sections participating in it.
The President,Prime Minister & UPA Chairperson too joined the people in condoling the death of the Delhi rape victim. It is usual for the people in authority and citizens in general react emotionally whenever such incident happens and both print & electronic media chastise the government and police for not doing enought to prevent such incidents.

All right thinking persons must ponder over such things to seriously in a calm manner and find out reasons where we have failed to prevent such repeated incidents one after another in frequent regularity. Cases were filed in courts and we see the perpetrators getting reprieves from the court either due to benefit of doubt or due to lack of conclusive proof or evidence and witness.The convictions for such crimes do not cross more than 10% of the cases failed due to lack of evidence.There are many instances where the main witnesses turn approvers  in spite of the best efforts of the police officials.
All of us who protest and demand justice must seriously ponder over the justice system prevalent in our country.We also must introspect whether we will spend time to cooperate with the police by attending as witnesses? Are we not excuse ourselves from becoming a witness due to frequenting the courts? How many of us will come forward to give evidence on our own even if we were present on such places and seen the atrocities happen? Even the electronic media instead of helping the victim tried to capture the incident live to increase their TRPs.
Why we are not protesting against the police constable who  lost his life in discharging his duties in India Gate in preventing the protest turning violent?
It has become fashionable for the media to criticize the police whenever they use force to prevent the crowd turning voilent and at the same time criticize the same police for inaction. From both ends the police force face criticism either for excessive use of force or for not using force at all.
Another important factor which in my opinion responsible for increase in atrocities against women in particular and violence in general is increased violence in movies and TV serials.If censors put restrictions on such glamorization of rape and violence in cinemas & TV serials again the Media protests against the high handedness of government alleging interference in freedom of speech.
So it is time to introspect ourselves instead of squarly blaming the government without seeing what role we as individuals play in preventing such crimes and how much cooperation we extend to the government and police.
We.the people along with the government and society in general are collectively responsible for repetition of such crimes