Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Shree Bose motivates to research to cure Cancer

Shree Bose whose parents were migrated to United States from India.Shree Bose was born in United States  and She is the grand prize winner of the  Google's First ever Science Fair held in 2011.
The prize money won by her is used entirely to research to cure Cancer patients. She is just now 17 and she lost her grandfather who was very close to her passed away due to cancer. After many failed attempts and not able to find a good guide and rejections she finally found a mentor under Alokananda Bose and at this tender age decided to dedicate her work on research and find cure to the cancer which can inspire many young minds to devote for the welfare of mankind.
If she wanted to make money and gain fame she has all the qualities and qualifications to make that since she was also awarded as the most Amazing Women Award by the Glamour Magazine.
The President of United States of America Barack Obama too appreciated the work done by her. In spite of all this she narrated the story of her brother being pinned down during his younger days  DUMB HIM DOWN
This has motivated her to do something and she says that the growing process with her brother made her determined to do something for the mankind.
During her childhood she could make green vegetables turn blue, she had remote control for the garbage can.
But she is light to the life of cancer patients to lead a happy life
The passing away of her grandfather made her determined to pursue research in Cancer so that millions of patients world wide are dying because of this dreadful disease.
 Like ordinary students she could have chosen to a doctor and made money. But she chose otherwise to give light and hope for mankind by devoting to research in cancer.
The world is changing
The Science is changing.
Shree Bose will change the life of cancer patients and bring happiness in their life which will be emulated by all young techies.
She will be role model to be emulated for contributing for the welfare of the deprived.

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