Sunday, 18 November 2012

My Experience at NokiaAppTasting

It was my first attendance at IndiBloggers Meet. I had great expectations of meeting real great bloggers from different parts of India. I had never heard of Inidbloggers until one of my friend sent me the link since I was writing blogs on various subjects.
I am basically a Banker by profession addicted to latest technology and interested to make use of this technology and share my experience so that whatever I know can be shared with others and at the same time I too can be benefitted by sharing the experience of others too.
So immediately I shared my blog with Indibloggers and able to get registered for participation in the Indibloggers meet. My friend who sent the link to me could not attend the meet since his blog was put on hold and still to be approved.
Once I got registered to participate in the NokiaAppTasing I started interacting with the members of IndiBloggers comments column of NokiaAppTasting page. Even now I am not able to navigate in the page and I thought I will gain knowledge in the meet. However, that desire is yet to be fullfilled.
On 11th November,2012 the meeting was to be started at 5.30PM. Here also the meeting did not start in time.
The hosts Rajiv Makhni & Vikas Khanna in spite of their splendit job could not enlighten me in increasing my knowlege.
But Nokia has definitely got a wide coverage and their Apps.
So my experience is whether this meet is Bloggers Meet or Nokia Apps Meet? My confusion still persists.
Can Mr.Rajiv Makhni or Vikas Khanna tell me is it a meet of Bloggers or App Developers or Gangnam Dancers?