Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Perfect Straight HAIR Experiment

I always wanted to have a straight hair and felt jealous of seeing guys with straight hair.Girls ignored me.Friends did not like my hairstyle,always teasing me for not blessed with straight hair. I was cursing myself for not having straight hair and telling my friends to suggest a way out to get straight hair.They tell me that YOU ARE BORN LIKE THAT. Girls avoided me and I was left alone without straight hair..
I started to find a way out.
In my school days I read of Great-saint of great resplendence, Vishvamitra. Vishvamitra also known as Kaushika ruled the earth and this great -resplendent King ruled the kingdom for many thousand years.
On one of his exploits, he and his soldiers took rest in the Ashram of Rishi Vasistha. There, his whole army was well fed and taken care of. This caused a doubt in the king's mind as to how it was possible for this simple ashram to take care of all the arrangements to feed an entire army. He expressed his surprise to the sage.
Vasistha replied,
   "O king, this feast that you have partaken with your kinsmen, has been provided by my calf   NANDINI was gifted to me by  Indra. You must know that she is the daughter of Indra's cow   Kamadhenu. She provides me with everything I need." 
Kaushika was filled with wonder when he heard this. He began to think that possessing this cow would mean a lot to him; after all, the sage did not have to provide food and sustenance for a large army everyday. He expressed a desire to the sage for obtaining Nandini from him. Vasistha was polite, but steadfast in his refusal. He would not be tempted by the offer of untold wealth that was made by Kaushika, for after all who can set a price on a cow, which can readily yield all the riches in the world.
The king grew exceedingly angry. He insulted the Brahmarishi with harsh words, and ordered his soldiers to seize the cow, and drive it to his kingdom. Nandini was the daughter of Kamdhenu and hence she forcefully protested against the soldiers. Using her powers, she saved the life of Vashishtha.
Vasistha destroys Kaushika's entire army by the simple use of his great mystic and spiritual powers, breathing the AUM syllable. Vasistha also thus kills one hundred of Kaushika's sons, while restoring his hermitage's beauty and life.
Kaushika then undertakes a Tapasya for several years to please Shiva, who bestows upon him the knowledge of celestial weaponry. He proudly goes to Vasistha's ashram again, and uses all kinds of powerful weapons to destroy Vasistha and his hermitage. He succeeds in the latter but not in the former.
An enraged Vasistha brings out his brahmadanda, a wooden stick imbued with the power of Brahma. It consumes Kaushika's most powerful weapons, including the  Brahmastra. Vasistha then attempts to attack Kaushika, but his anger is allayed by the devas. Kaushika is left humiliated while Vasistha restores his hermitage.
I felt humiliated like Vishvamitra for not having straight hair and vowed to do tapasya like him  and finally found SUNSILK and not Shankuntala.
Once I started using SUNSILK and having straight hair apsara like Menaka & Rambha were by my side and my isolation from the company of beautiful and sensuous girls stopped

Vishvamithra rejecting Shankuntala- Like him I am rejecting curly hair to get straight hair.
This incident made a deep impression on the King. He realized that the power obtained by penances was far greater than mere physical might. He renounced his kingdom and began his quest to become a greater rishi than Vasistha. He took on the name Vishvamitra. It is very interesting to see all the challenges that Viswamitra faced in his life to become a Brahmarishi, before eventually giving up the greed to possess the cow. After many trials and undergoing many austerities, Vishvamitra at last obtained the title of Brahmarishi  from Vasistha himself. During this time he had a daughter named Shakuntala with Menaka, an Apsara  in the court of Indra. Son of Shakuntala became a great emperor. He came to be known as  Emperor Bharata in whose name the land of India got its name Bharatha.

 Sage Vishvamitra with Menaka see the long and straight hair he had which is envy of mine.
So I will do anything like using Brahmastra and to get SUNSILK(Nandini for Vasistha).

For me SUNSILK is my Kamadhenu  & Nandini for having perfect straight hair.

However, as a former king, Vishvamitra also possessed great compassion for all beings. Having taken pity on Trishanku, he willingly exhausted all the punya he gained from his tapas, to enable him to ascend to the heavens. Following his attainment of the status of brahmarishi, he was known to use the power of his tapas to help anyone who was in need, whatever the cost to himself.
  Unlike Vishvamithra I will not give anything that will deprive me the power to have straight hair.
 But I will not hesitate to share  this devine secret power of SUNSILK to all those who want to get perfect straight hair.
Vishvamitra's love of Menaka is considered to have been intense and passionate,so is my love  to  SUNSILK for giving me a straight hair which I thought I will never get in this birth.

Sage Vishvamitra was the one who found revered great Mantra - The Gayatri Mantra. It is a mantra found in the Rig, Yajur, and Sama Vedas.