Thursday, 3 January 2013


After the death of India's daughter in the Delhi gang rape,there is widespread demand for changes in the punishment to be meted out and speedy disposal of cases through fast track courts which is well justified.
We react to situations emotionally and recommend stringent actions without thinking the pros & cons it will create. In this kind of situation we have to make deliberations in a cool manner and take in to confidence the brightest minds and come out with a foolproof legislation which will take care of all the nuts & bolts of the future needs of the society.
In this new law we may consider the following:
1.All kinds of violence  & atrocities  against women must be banned in cinema & TV serials.
2.Censor board must be empowered to do this and people who protest must be made aware of the reasonable restrictions that is necessary.
3.It is not enough to have fast courts only for rape & atrocities. All court cases must be closed within  a reasonable period and at least not more than 6 months including final appeal in the Supreme Court.
4.Number of courts starting from lower courts to  benches of High courts must also be increased accordingly.The number of judges for both High Courts and Supreme Courts must also be increased in proportion to the population as recommended by the Law commission.
5.Number of police stations and police personnel also must be increased in proportion to the population and reforms as recommended by the Dharmaveera Commission must also be implemented.
6.There must be a stipulation for all those who contest the elections to Assembly & Parliament must  have passed an exam on our constitution so that they have enough knowledge to be law makers.
7.These needs lot of money and all exemptions extended to the various sections which is around Rs.5 lakh crore must be withdrawn so that government need not resort to borrowings which will lead us to European &  US like situations like debt crisis or fiscal cliff.