Thursday, 6 June 2013

Microsoft Office365 CloudBlogathon: Indiblogger: Office Meets in Kitchen?

The Experience of Microsoft Office 365 Blogathon  Education IndiBlogger Meet at a Kitchen that too without sufficient food to eat for all  is an experience with a difference.
Me with Red T-Shirt waiting before event started, looking at my mobile unaware of the surroundings
I was not able to make out whether the event will start with lunch or lunch will be served after the event.
After initial announcement from the event host Anoop to commence the event with in another ten minutes, he kept his promise and started with his usual inimitable style bringing back the old memories of my college days. What I missed there was available in plenty at the Tower Kitchen at UB City Bangalore.

Anoop made good for the lapses  with his nice hosting and throwing away prizes initially starting from seeking numbers from 1 to 11. It was real fun  and I enjoyed. Student days in College came back.

Anoop did a great job as Anchor
Seats were also not available for all before the commencement. Beers and side dishes were empty even before the bearer crosses fully from the kitchen door.
 Participants sitting expecting dishes at their seats kept waiting & waiting. In spite of all these handicaps the meet not lost its sheen.
 Ram Kumar Pichai- GM-Marketing Microsoft kept all of us spell bound by the description of various new features Office 365. Questions followed one after another in addition to  seeking more information on Office 365, few of them with their Beer Bottle still on hand. Persons putting questions got prizes varying from swatch watches, t-shirts & gift vouchers.
All the deficiencies got evaporated and seats were available in plenty since most of them seen standing to put questions not only to win prizes but to know more about Office 365.
Tarun Malik- Director, Product Marketing & Strategy-Microsoft, was more than willing to clear the doubts of enthusiastic participants & declaring prizes on the spot.

T-Shirts as Prizes for good questions from Microsoft Office 365.
As soon as the prizes were collected beautiful girls swamped the winner to take note of  the details of the prize winners.Beer Bottles poured in plenty with scanty dishes making its appearance now & then.
For those who won prizes and got clear answers and clarifications from the Microsoft Executive all the the hunger got vanished and all the inconveniences become convenience to upgrade their knowledge besides prizes and has become a shot in the arm.
Met lot of our blogger friends exchanged pleasantries and got introduced to new friends.Great networking.
Ajak Mjak contest was real fun. I was in the team Cloud 9 and Hungry bird were the winners with good fight from all the teams. I wish I had these kind of experience in my student & College Days. But what I missed there I got at #CloudBlogathon.

Me with my team captain & members of Cloud 9 gave a tough fight in Ajaak Maajak Contest
It is an experience of college and our student days and made me younger and made me feel like a student from 12.30 to 4.30 PM.
The timing was not apt since it was neither the lunch time nor the dinner time. At least in future it can commence with lunch by starting little early or alternatively end with Dinner by starting bit late.
It did Enhance,Elevate and Microsoft Office 365 brought me back complete memory of my student & college days and I made it a point to make Office 365 part of life in the future.

Every good thing has to come to an end.After the event is over leaving the Tower Kitchen with IndiBlogger T-Shirt as a momento.
Eagerly waiting for the next Indiblogger Meet at Bangalore.
This blog is specifically written for #CloudBlogathon Experience