Sunday, 9 June 2013


Is it enough if we just make a promise of treating the women with respect?

As we read in the Bell Bajao saying goes:Laws alone are not enough. Ring The Bell believes in the power of individual and collective action to challenge the habits, norms, and cultures that perpetuate violence. One person adds up to one million; one million acts add up to change.We all can be a part of the change by telling us how YOU,ME & US will Ring The Bell, and inspire our entire generation to do some soul searching. What action we all together take irrespective of age and gender will bring violence against women to a halt is to be pondered over? 

I am sharing my frank views and intentions, and make a promise that will be my share in voicing against domestic violence against women and treat them with respect.

In my humble opinion, the first and foremost is to make the movie makers to depict the women characters in cinema and TV serials with highest respect they deserve. It is the depiction of women in various loose characters of disrepute in the name of freedom of expression seems to be the root cause for women losing their exalted position we all held them in our country. The censor board must be given sufficient powers to cut all scenes and characters which depict them in an insulting and demeaning manner. No rape scenes must be allowed in the cinema and TV serials. Such scenes must be deleted without any hesitation and such cuts of depicting the women character in poor light, rape scenes & item songs deleted by the censor board  must not be allowed to be questioned in any court of law. Courts must flatly refuse to intervene in such cases. 

All court cases on domestic violence, child abuse,rape must be disposed off within the shortest time frame and no adjournments must be allowed and hearings must be continued on day to day basis and punishment must be awarded to the guilty within a maximum period of 3 months.

Government and NGOs take actions and start a debate whether we can have Red Light Areas in the specific areas meant for pure amusement and entertainment as existing in countries like France and other European countries.This needs lot of discussion,debate, deliberations at various levels before taking a final decision. However, I feel strongly that some sort of debate must be initiated  to elicit public opinion before taking final decision. 

Another important initiative is to make available incontrovertible evidence to prove the charges against the culprit to give justice to  the victim. Simply blaming the entire Police force to be ineffective is not correct. Many of the eyewitnesses are not ready to cooperate with the police and even if once they are taken as witness by the prosecution,there are many instances of witnesses becoming hostile and making all the well intentioned efforts of the police force becoming futile. Many cases due to lack of cooperation by the eyewitnesses made the police force to loose their morale. So it is the responsibility of the witnesses to cooperate with the police unhesitatingly without any fear so that the guilty will never be able to repeat the crime against women and get acquitted for lack of evidence. Not reporting the incidents out of fear or not to entangle with cases embolden the culprits and de-motivates police.

It is the duty of every right thinking civilised citizen to cooperate wholeheartedly with the Police to get the guilty punished so that the respect of the women is saved and help to remove the violence against women completely eliminated. BLAMING THE POLICE WITHOUT COOPERATIVE THEM IS TO BE CONSIDERED AS COOPERATING THE GUILTY.