Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Idea Caravan- INVESTFORTOMORROW in-Wello Water Wheel of Cynthiya Koenig-

As I watched the 7.36 minute video of Cynthiya Koenig in, for the purpose of writing a blog for the Indiblogger The Idea Caravan-INVESTFORTOMORROW, my heart went out to the great contribution made by Cynthiya in inventing a low priced water collection wheel named WELLO- WATER WHEEL,she herself might not fathomed the greatest contribution  she made to rural population in general and rural women in particular  besides people in urban & metro cities in unburdening their hard work for fetching water even for handwash,  Drinking water is a nightmare for poor people who cannot afford to have mineral water. No words of praise is not suffice to the help rendered by this invention which is most afforeable even to the poorest of the poor so that the time spent by walking miles& miles to fetch water  can be used very easily  by the women for gainful employment and earn a decent income.
The work done by Cynthiya is greater than any government. The responsible government which spends crores of rupees on water supply and purification can easily supply these Wello to all the poor rural women so that the major problem can be easily solved, The money saved in solving this major water problem can be used not only for Rain water harvesting but also on major projects like linking major rivers across the country to avoid flooding and  also avoid water scarcity in summer.
 Cynthiya Koenig must be duly recognised by the government of India through Padma Award for the contribution made in a social cause
Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.