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The Perfect Road Trip:Bangalore-Mangalore-Bangalore

Just when I was readying for writing a blog for The Idea of Perfect Road Trip Contest for Ambi Pur Indiblogger, my idea of road trips most of the time turned out to be imperfect trips. I rarely had a idea of Perfect Road Trip. I had many such  experience of an imperfect trip and the most memorable is to the Borders of Burma ( Now called Myanmar) from Aizawl, Capital of hilly state of Mizoram in 1986 while working there. My travel was with an IPS officer in 1986 in the then latest just now released Maruti 800 available at Rs.50000 available then at a premium of around Rs.65000. It was an unforgettable journey. I think it will be a trip on which I can blog about it later, if time permits.. since I don't have photos or videos of that imperfect road trip

My thoughts were to either to imagine a perfect road trip or taking to roads in reality. My imagination was flying high to write the blog through a fictional perfect road trip since 22nd June 2013,without any success. I was not able to make any concrete idea of the perfect road trip and my imagination failed me totally leading to frustration. 
All of a sudden on 5th of July my younger brother invited my wife through me  to attend the BABY SHOWER function to be held  at Mangalore on 10 July 2013. Generally Baby Shower functions are attended by women only and I asked my wife to attend the event and travel by KSRTC VOLVO BUS. However, my another brother working as General Manager- Services at RNS Motors came up with an idea that he will be travelling in his car with his wife to attend the very same Baby Shower event and asked me to join in. My wife also insisted me to join her so that we can travel together in the early morning hours from Bangalore to Mangalore and come back to Bangalore in the very same evening. Even Though, I made an excuse to say that it is meant only for women, heart to heart I was longing to go with her since I could not attend the marriage of my brother held few months ago. So as if acceding to the request of both my brother who is ready to take us by his Ford Car, I was glad that finally I will be able to make THE PERFECT ROAD TRIP. 

Since I was staying near Bannerghatta National Park and my brother was staying at Yeshwantpur, me and my wife went to brothers house on 9th night itself to start the trip at early morning so as to reach Mangalore by 11.00 AM to attend the BABY SHOWER at 12.00 Noon.

The Ford Car.
We got up at 4.00AM on 10 July 2013 and finished our daily chores and started
 at around 5.00AM from Yeshwanthpur Bangalore.
We travelled through Channaraya Patna and reached Hassan at around 7.30AM. My brother Raja Rama Shetty was on the wheels and his wife also accompanies in our trip.
 Along with us we had Miss Deepa Shetty, my niece. 
The road was almost free in view of the early hours and we could travel fast without any hiccups anywhere. It was a pleasant travel. My brother was driving smoothly
 and made our stay inside the car very comfortable.

While my brother was driving I gave some work to my mobile phone to record the journey and took photos while travelling.
We had to take a break for our breakfast in Sakleshpur at around 8.30.
From Sakleshpur onwards the Ghat journey started. It was pleasant weather,cloudy sky made
our journey more enjoyable than ever before.

I requested my brother to stop now and then to capture the natures beauty in my BlackBerry.

Even though I don't have any experience in photography,the mother nature has helped me immensely and the photos my brother and me clicked is a sufficient proof of natures 
unknown hand.All these photos where taken  in the  Shiradi Ghat part of our trip and 
I am sharing it with you.

Milk like water flowing is a pleasure to watch.

My penchant for waterfalls went on increasing

Mother nature at its best.

Small streams of water flowing down the hills made both our mind and eyes cool.

Very few vehicles were plying in the road and we had a very comfortable travel and make frequent pit stops to enjoy the natures beauty

I could not find words to describe the beauty of the nature
Photo: The Perfect Road Trip
"A thing of beauty is joy forever"

Washing his hands at the pure water flowing from atop and making his hands smoother for further smooth driving.

What a beauty.

My brother taking a break from the wheels and enjoying the beauty of the nature.

The river in its full flow majestically.

We forgot about the time and the beauty kept me clicking and clicking unmindful of the battery power of the mobile.

The fully loaded truck making its way up in the Shiradi ghat.

Vehicle free road is a pleasure to both watch & drive which was and is a rarity in a city like Bangalore and Mangalore forget about other bigger cities.

Exactly around 11.30AM we reached Mangalore and guests and invitees from in and around
 is yet to make it to Quality Restaurant situated in Balmatta, Mangalore. 
We were the first to arrive at the venue even before the hosts & guests.There was not 
even a single person in the hall except the bearers of the Hotel.
This was possible only due to the careful driving of my brother and the excellent condition
 of the car Ford and the trouble free road with less traffic due to rainy season.
The event started around 12.00 Noon

and usual pleasantries were conducted.

and lunch was served around 1.30PM.
Photo: nanna Aaptha-Mithra Jaya Prakash Shetty mattu Bandhu-Balagadavara jote.....(10.07.13)With VIP guests and relatives.
All of us finished our lunch by around 2.30PM and planned our return journey at 3.00PM.
Photo: Nanna Oorina Preetiya Geleyaru.....!! [Sheensons with Rajson, on 10.07.2013]
(thankQ all for Posed & Smiled with me!)
Host of the day,my brother JayaPrakash Shetty, our family friend Dharmendra BR, Rajaram Shetty and myself saying good bye after the event was over around 2.30PM.(Left to Right)
 In between we could find this funny incident of people taking bath at the riverside and getting funny.ENJOY
This video is not taken by us. To add fun to the trip I have added it.

While coming back from Mangalore, I deliberately did not take any videos since the traffic in the city roads did not permit us to enjoy. However, as soon as we came to Shiradi Ghat, I just kept my BlackBerry to capture the scenic beauty while enjoying the music.
Please watch and enjoy.


 These scenes will inspire and make me travel again in this road before the rainy season ends
Photo: The Perfect Road Trip
 Few more pictures of mother nature while returning back from Mangalore.

Photo: The Perfect Road Trip
Photo: The Perfect Road Trip
River in full flow again. I could not take my eyes off from this beautiful scenario.
Photo: The Perfect Road Trip
Different phases of river flowing at different places.
Photo: The Perfect Road Trip
In between the bushes the glimpses of river flowing in its majesty.
Photo: The Perfect Road Trip
Water.... Water.... Everywhere.....
Photo: The Perfect Road Trip
Once again river in full flow all along our road trip.
Photo: The Perfect Road Trip
A view from inside our car.Cloudy weather and our Ford moving majestically with my brother
 Raja Ram Shetty enjoying the long drive.
Photo: The Perfect Road Trip
Enjoying once again mother nature on our way back from Mangalore to Bangalore.
Photo: The Perfect Road Trip
Empty bottles thrown around in the foothills shows its irrelevance when we have pure mineral water flowing from atop the hill which seems to be purer than bottled water.
Photo: The Perfect Road Trip
Even though we Planned to be back at Bangalore before Dinner, the beauty of nature made 
our journey slower & slower and more pleasurable by clicking the beautiful natural scenery
.Photo: The Perfect Road Trip
While climbing back to Shiradi Ghat the drizzling started which later turned in to a downpour and making splashes on our car glasses.
Photo: The Perfect Road Trip
In between the stoppage of drizzle and rain I did not miss an opportunity to drink the pure 
mineral water. Once again it was purer and tastier than bottled mineral water. Chilled.
Photo: The Perfect Road Trip
Enjoying the beauty.
 I have also videographed the return journey while coming back from Mangalore to Bangalore, since it was raining some time slowly and sometime heavily. Please watch and enjoy my travel

Video-2. Driving while raining.

We were planning to reach Sakleshpur at 6.00PM to have Tea Break so that we will be able to reach Bangalore by 9.00 to have dinner.

One more video of my journey back to Bangalore from Mangalore after attending Baby shower function
Video-3.See for yourself how we made the Perfect Road Trip.

Photo: Night becomes darker & reflector Brighter
After having T again at around 6.30 PM we started our travel to Bangalore. Night just set in
  and road reflectors looks brighter and brighter and night became darker & darker.
Photo: Racing Back to Bangalore
My brother was more careful while driving to bring us back to Bangalore safer.
Photo: After Tea at Saklehpur night dawns
And finally we were all back at Bangalore at 9.00 PM 
As soon as the contest was announced I have  immediately applied for The new Ambi Pur Mini Vent Clip on 22 June 2013. I was informed that I was eligible to get it. Had this New Ambi Pur Mini Vent Clip received  by me before my journey commenced on 10 July 2013, I would have enjoyed the unplanned Perfect Road Trip more than I enjoyed now and hope my next perfect road trip will be along with new ambi pur mini vent clip and thereafter with it forever. It is one of the most enjoyable road trip I had after my trip in 1986 from Aizawl to Burma Border through Arakan Hills of north east. Thanks for Ambipur & Indiblogger for  motivating me to make this unforgettable trip. 
This blog is written specifically to participate in the Indiblogger THE PERFECT ROAD TRIP for Ambi Pur India Contest.
Roads seem endless when you lose yourself to an Ambi Pur fragrance and a long drive ahead!
Roads seem endless when you lose yourself to an Ambi Pur fragrance and a long drive ahead!. But alas I could not use it since I was waiting for the sample which is yet to arrive.

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