Friday, 29 November 2013


Bacardi Breezer - Catch The Flavour

Exactly one week ago  I could not sleep well and woke up in the early morning hours and I do not remember what exactly the time was. But it was well past midnight.  I sat before the computer and it might be around 4 to 5 AM in the morning. I  wanted to know what is in store from Indiblogger as a new contest.
For the first time I was the first to respond to this thread beating Ranjith. That itself made me high even without tasting BREEZER which is considered normally  a girlie drink without much kick.
The previous two three nights I had attended cocktail dinner parties continuously one after another and came home around 11.30 after having Johnnie Walker Red Label one day, Black Label another day and Double Black the other day.

On all these days I could not enter into my house since the door was not opened by my wife for being late and getting drunk almost every other night. One way I am fortunate that in Bangalore the bars have to be closed before 10.30 and we had no choice but to leave early as per my calculation since reaching home before 12 midnight is too early whereas in other parts of the world the premium bars open only after this.

So the contest from Indiblogger Bacardi Breezer gave me a fresh hope to make peace with my wife and shift to Breezer immediately without any second thoughts.
But after deciding to participate in the contest another big challenge came in front of me. Unlike earlier occasions we had to write a blog within the closing date. Here closing dates are also different and it has to be with a team. Not only a team I have to select the flavour from among the six. Since I am a very big BlackBerry Smartphone fan and trying my hands in developing Apps I had been offered a free BlackBerry  Smart Phone model 9790 for giving few App idea in an Hackathon held at Bangalore few years back. Unfortunately I had lost this phone while coming back after attending the cocktail party previous day to the opening of this contest. This made my decision quicker and immediately joined the Blackberry Crush. After choosing this flavour  I had a second thought after seeing Cranberry and Lime flavors. So I wanted to join to these teams too and wrote to Renie who immediately replied: back saying:
"No, sorry - you have to be loyal to one team only! Smile "
 By that time I was normal and stuck to my Blackberry crush.

I had always a crush on BlackBerry since Barack Obama won the US Presidency election using his BlackBerry sending messages like YES WE CAN in 2008.

Even though I lost my Blackberry 9790, I was given a BlackBerry Alpha device to develop Apps and port it. Even though I had great ideas and developed Apps I could not port it in time since on porting my Apps in time only I was eligible to get the Alpha Device exchanged with the new BlackBerry Z10 Limited edition specifically  released  for the developers on the one hand and to the general market on January 2013. Through mine and my developer teams innovative ideas I made this alpha devise working as a full pledged smart phone without investing even a single naye paise.
So now I have a golden opportunity to taste and enjoy Bacardi Breezer for the whole year and more by blogging on Blackberry Crush flavour. What an idea Sirji?
So my sticking to team Blackberry crush increase in the hope of getting One year supply of BACARDI FREEZER and that too without spending a penny.

This contest is also opens my door for shifting from Scotch Whisky to  soft light Bacardi Breezer and keep the stock at home itself without coming home late and enjoy the breezer at home only. I am waiting for the reaction of my wife with bated breadth .
Even though I had chosen Blackberry Crush I hope that the one year supply will consist of all the other flavors too.

As I see the pictures of the bottles of Breezer, my determination to win in the contest grow stronger and stronger even though the kick from this drink is lighter and lighter.

I have become a strong fan of BACARDI BREEZER.

Once I win this contest and get one year supply of BACARDI BREEZER,  I can make peace with my wife and become a true addict of Breezer and slowly move away from hard drink.

This also brought back my memory to the Indiblogger Meet where we had great time
This blog is specifically written solely for participating in the

Catch the flavour - a contest with teams! by with participation from BACARDI and the link is