Friday, 21 June 2013

My Weekend Party With Gourmet Food:With Kitchens of India Nothing to Worry.

My close friend got married recently and  I wanted to host a reception in honor of the newly wed couple combining it into a Weekend party as a sweet remembrance of the occasion of a lifetime.

Me and my wife had serious argument whether to host the party at our home, or take them to a star hotel or to made to order delicacy from our neighbourhood home delivery hotel.

After detailed discussion and arguments we finally decided to host the weekend reception party through our well trusted Kitchens of India.Ambience,Entertainment and location were all finalised without any disagreement for the first time in our life.Thanks to Kitchens of India for taking this unanimous decision.

We wanted to keep the ambience as simple as possible with the sole intention to have more focus on the  food to be served which can even in an excellent ambience will not serve the intended purpose and will make our guests totally disappointed, The food served  must be of higher and exceptional quality and in this we have reposed all our confidence and trust with Kitchens of India which will speak its own language with our guests so that they will be extremely happy.

I insisted that we must invite them to our home and take the help of  Ready Made items from Kitchens of India
As far as the location is concerned we have already decided to be at our home only and if our guest are very happy we will ask them to stay back for dinner too and  he whole weekend will be enjoyed by watching the Cricket Match between Sri Lanka & India for the Champions Trophy as an entertainment to adding a feel to the couple for the time well spent.

The host on whom we depended unconditionally was Kitchens of India.

Kitchens of India
Me and my wife for once agree with that Kitchens of India will offer A feast for the senses of our guests.

A strawberry and mint conserve chutney was selected and Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani.

Strawberry & Mint ConserveHyderabadi Chicken Biryani Mix

Rice item

Kept beautifully decorated in my dining table

We then went on to select the menu and  since our guests were non vegetarian only one veg items selected.

Dal Bukhara

The following curries from non vegetarian items  were selected.

Murgh MethiChicken Darbari

Sweets & desserts:Irresistible royal desserts once enjoyed by Nawabs and Maharajas. A feast for the senses, anytime was offered.
Gourmet Gifts - Halwas 4 PackGulab Jamun Mix

My guests were so happy they took all the products available from Kitchens of India so that they will discontinue visiting any hotels and decided to depend only on  Kitchens of India hereafter.
We readily offered them the following details for them to host parties without spending too much of time and make their hosts happy forever:
Apple Cinnamon ConserveShredded Mango ChutneyMango Jeera ChutneyMango Garlic ChutneyTamarind & Date Chutney

other items mixes
Butter Chicken MixMutton Kolhapuri MixChicken Curry MixVegetable Biryani Mix

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani Mix

An impressive bowling performance was followed by a clinical chase as India set up their date with hosts England in the Champions Trophy final following an emphatic eight-wicket win over Sri Lanka in the second semifinal decided our guests to say goodbye after enjoying the party thoroughly and set to return home fully satisfied of the days event.

If still you are not satisfied about the success of my hosting and wish to have much for grandeur of your Weekend Party with Gourmet Food you can visit: