Saturday, 15 June 2013

"WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere!"

If  I could connect 5 or more people in a WeChat group - they would be:

1.Indira Gandhi our late Prime Minister.(Dead)
2.P.V. Narasimha Rao. Our late PM (Dead)
3.Dr.ManMohan Singh, our Prime Minister.
4.Rahul Gandhi, Hope to see him as our future PM.
5.Veerappa Moily. Union Minister for Petroleum & Natural Gas.
6. Jaipal Reddy, Union Minister, who was earlier Minister for Petroleum & Natural Gas.

1. Indira Gandhi- One of the greatest PM India had with  a real concern for the poor and led the nation with pride. But for her our country too would have become bankrupt like few European Countries.(PIGS)
2.P.V. Narasimha Rao: Late PM who initiated  economic reforms with human touch and led a minority Congress government for full five year term and unshackled the controlled economy in to a free economy of more than 50 years.
3.Dr.ManMohan Singh: Got undue credit for the economic reforms and now become totally directionless in the hands of rich industrialists under the grab of GDP ignoring HDI(Human Development Index)
4.Rahul Gandhi:  In spite of heavy demand to become PM, refuses to take the plunge.
5.Veerappa Moily:A poor man become rich and continue to be rich by supporting & acting at the behest of Reliance by surrendering our national resources.
6.Jaipal Reddy: Paid a heavy price for safeguarding the nation's interest due to his honesty & integrity.
 I am still not able to overcome the Global Financial meltdown of 2008. My salary & perquisites got slashed instead getting increased. My travels decreased and my targets to be achieved got increased.My worries increased, more sleepless nights. Less rest & more stress and tensions.

In spite of all this I have not lost touch in daydreaming and in my dreams above persons started appearing too often. Some times they used to call me for chat through WeChat and kept a ray of hope of living style improving. The chat with them used to give me lot of comfort & luxury. I felt extremely happy while in Wechat with these people and had confidence & courage.

In on dream I saw my favorite leader  Indira Gandhi, who by nationalising 14 private sector banks in 1969 and 6 in 1980 saved our banking & financial system from collapsing as has happened in US,European and other Western countries during sub prime crisis and failure of banks on daily basis goes on while our Banking sector becomes stronger & stronger in spite of directed political lendings.

The conversation/chat went like this:

Indira Gandhi: Dear Shetty, see what happened in US. Daily one bank or other is collapsing and Banks in India becoming stronger & stronger?  Obama is following in my footsteps changing my slogan of "remove poverty" into "share the riches"

Me:Yes madam, that is the only ray of hope for our country. But the liberalisation and privatisation has made our life miserable. After you & Rajiv left PV Narasimha Rao brought in Dr. ManMohan Singh and he has undone all he has done.

PV Narasimha Rao: No Madam, as long as I was there I used to control Dr.Singh properly and never allowed to cross the limit. I advised him that any liberalisation must have a human touch and whatever concessions given to private industrialists must be passed on to the consumer. As of now the total revenue foregone by giving concessions to industrialists are more than Rs. 529000 crores which is more than the total government borrowings. By withdrawing all these exemptions at one stroke we could have balanced our budget.

Dr.Manmohan Singh: Yes Madam, I lost track when you and PVN left me. When you were there you appointed me as the Governor of RBI, I did whatever you told and never disobeyed you. Now your daughter in law has put me in your place and I am obeying her instructions totally. You told me have more public sector banks and priority sector loans, loans to the poor. I did whatever you told. Now there is no one to tell me what to do & Soniaji do not interfere in these kind of matters. So I just follow what is being told by Mukesh Ambani,CII,FICCI etc. Mukesh Ambani is the richest man in our country and if I don't obey him our government will not survive since most of my cabinet ministers & secretaries are appointed through him. It is not the 70s & 80s. During your time it was only Doordarshan. Now it is not like that.Everything live and breaking news

PVN: I told him not to liberalise that much. I also told him not to listen to industrialists. I also told him we must not deviate from socialistic pattern of society. I also reminded him that it is you as PM included the word SECULAR & SOCIALIST  in the preamble of our constitution.

Dr.Singh: Both of you know I don't know how to take actions independently. I was a glorified clerk under the garb of  either as Finance Secretary,Governor of RBI or the Secretary of South South Commission of Non-Aligned movement. Now there is no one to tell me what to do. So  I have become directionless and inflation is getting out of control. Ambani is not allowing to raise interest rates and demanding more price for oil exploration. He is also not able to find oil under KG Basin at D6.  There is one Shetty.K.V., who has become bitter critic of me for forgetting AAM AADMI.

Me: Madam, Obama increased taxes to cover budget deficit and help the middle class families even though it is a capitalist country. While US understood the pitfalls of free economy and abandoning it one by one, Manmohan & Chidambaram are picking all those outdated ideas thrown out by  Obama in US.

Indira: Nationalise all the private oil companies and not allow him to come to South Block.

Me:Madam, Reddy was able to stop him and because of that he was shifted from Petroleum Ministry and a pliant Moily was brought in. Oil exploration must be in the hands of government only and private sector must not be allowed to loot the nations resources. Supreme Court also ageed with my view by Manmohan is not listening.

Jaipal Reddy: Even though I opposed you while you are alive, I realised my mistakes and came back to Congress and I did not allow any private industrialists to influence me. No one from Reliance could meet me. Mukesh complained to Manmohan & got me removed from the petroleum ministry and they put Veerappa Moily.

Veerappa Moily: Madam, I am the beneficiary of your QUIT POVERTY slogan. I joined your  party in 1971 and I was very poor lawyer at that time. Due to Raoji I become CM  Karnataka and due to the blessings of Soniaji is Union Minister. Now I have grown up children and don't want to be poor so I have to listen whatever is instructed by Reliance & Ambani. If I become poor again it will be a case of your objective of removing poverty being reversed. Rahul Gandhi is agreeing to becoming PM which has created all these problems.

Rahul: Grandma, I don't have the absolute majority you and Dad had in the Parliament and our party has to depend on persons like Sharad Pawar, Mamata & Karunanidhi. Besides these Mulayam & Mayawati are also throwing tantrums and I don't know when our government is thrown out. I still doubt whether we will be able to continue our full term upto 2014. I will take Shetty as my advisor in stead o

Me: No madam, Modi from Gujarat is growing bigger & bigger through news channels and unless Rahulji do not take up leadership position and have new slogans like you did in 1971 and reverse to socialistic policies, chances of coming back to power seems to be very very bleak so I suggest the following to Rahulji & Soniaji

1. You have  introduced tiller of the soil(Farmer) to be the owner of the land through land reforms.
Rahulji must have a new slogan  for housing reforms: "OWN YOUR HOME". Whichever house one occupies will be owned by them. There will not be any land lord.No one need to pay any rent for their houses. Any home owners who stays in the rented houses will become the owners of the house they stay.
2.UNIVERSAL FREE HEALTH CARE:Every citizen will be issued a smart card and eligible for  free medical care. All citizens will be insured the government and insurance premium will be paid by the government. Cashless health care for all.
3.Free Education for all: All children will get free admission to all the private and public schools free of charge. No fees need be paid.
4.FOOD FOR ALL: All citizens will be given free food in all the hotels

Indira,  & Rahul( together at a time): Shetty you have given a brilliant idea. Now let us stop this chat and keep our conversation a secret lest the opposition parties announce these programmes before we announce it.
Me to all: This idea should have my copyright and no one should be allowed to copy it till  I win  MacBook Air in the blogger contest conducted at Indiblogger.

Indira,PVN,MMS.Rahul,Moily & Reddy: Yes Shettty. Best of luck and win MacBook Air and let us have a chat then
This blog is written specifically for the WeChat contest of Indibloggers
I love WeChat and hope you love too.ENJOY