Friday, 28 June 2013


Today (27 June 2013) when I opened my Indiblogger page to know whether I won any prize for the contests in which I have participated or to know any new contests commenced,
I came to know that Franklin Templeton Asset Management (India) Pvt. Ltd in association with Indiblogger & TEDxGateway Mumbai,     asking us to Watch the speakers narrate their riveting stories of innovation on Share our thoughts on the big issue they're talking about.Our writing can take the cause ahead. 2x iPhone 5, pen drives and gift vouchers to be won. 

For the first time after becoming a member of Indiblogger a thought flashed in my mind that this blog I must write not for winning any prize, but just to compliment the great work done by these great people.  If I am able to spread the word about the work done by them and If it inspires at least one person to  emulate them that will be the biggest prize of my life for which no amount or value could match.
My intention is if your read this blog in which I have also given the link of their work in their own words and spread it to as many people as possible so that whatever they have done yesterday and continuing doing today will be an inspiration for all the future generation for tomorrow.

1.Mittal Patel
A fascinating tale of one woman working towards getting nomadic and denotified communities of Gujarat the
basic rights of living.
Being a lady taking  up the cause of nomadic tribes and getting them an identity of their own and bringing them to the mainstream like other citizens is an incredible amount.Whatever encomiums we give is not enough.

2.Arunachalam Muruganantham.
With his trade mark humour,Arunachalam talk about his entrepreneurial adventure in giving women the dignity they deserve.
Being a man and that too not well educated has taken up the cause of women and gave them a dignity. All women must applaud his services at all times to come. It is also an indicator that both men and women must work together and we can surmount any kind of problems.Let all men and women join together and work hand in hand so that nothing is impossible is the message sent by Arunachalam.

3.Cynthiya Koenig.
She has a solution to one of the most pressing 'WATER' problems of India. Watch & know more.
It is being said that the III world war if at all happens, it will be for water. Our carelessness and not showing much concern to solve the water problem will lead us into great disaster. Cynthiya has shown us the way and gave us a wake up call to attend to the basic needs.

4.Angad Nadkarni;
He is here and he has rather interesting hacking story to share with you.
We need more Angad Nadkarnis to make the future students. All the best and hope to see him back after his examinations. Hope he might have done well in his maths exam.Hacking will get new direction under Nadkarni and future generations will benefit from him in the years  to come and students will be able to predict the question papers and do well in the examinations.

5.Suprio Das.
After working as an Engineer for 20 years with established business houses,Suprio Das quit to participate in a bigger cause- One that will combine his engineering skills and social work ambitions. access to mineral water.
Money may come and money may go,but selfless service to society will be remembered for ever.The contribution to the society and the gratitude earned by Suprio is much more valuable than any material asset he might have possessed had he not given up his job. Worthy of emulation for all.His efforts has to be taken forward to make his machine to provide clean drinking water to all those who cannot afford or access to mineral water.

6.Usman Riaz.
This is a story of young maestro who has mastered his music & instruments.And the story of how he found his master-The internet.
What a talent in such an young age.Coming from a great music family. Taking the company of Internet and making it as master and giving its byproduct in a most innovative way to the music lovers. Usman has by now achieved many things and days to come will definitely will get much more benefits.  His music will be a bridge to bring peace between India and Pakistan and music through Usman Riaz will be great healer.

7.Vikram Patel.
Is here to address one of the most significant 'MEDICAL' causes of our times.
HEALTH FOR ALL and by ALL is the motto of Vikram Patel. Every right thinking person wish that the government must be able to make health made available for all at all place at all times at FREE OF COST.if not free at least at affordable cost all the time. Let the works of Vikram Patel make it a reality in not too distant future.

8.Christian Sarkar.
Has an efficient low cost housing solution for the people who dwell in the dark dinghy ghettos around the world.
 A house for $300. Many people may laugh.Why real estate prices are shooting high? We are second largest populated country in the world.We have largest gold holdings in our country. Still majority of our citizens are finding it to have a roof over their home owned by them. So instead of dwelling units it has become an investment and has become an asset class for quicker capital appreciation. So if the plan of Christian Sarkar succeeds we need not find anyone making slum their home.

9.Ruma Roka.
A woman with a mission to train and build skills in deaf people so that they can get employed and live lives of dignity and hope.
All physically challenged persons  particularly deaf & dumb will be made employable in one way or the other if few more people take up the way Ruma Roka take to training these deaf & dumb otherwise intelligent people to gain skills to gain employment.,Her efforts if continued and started by few more people like her we may gain full employment to all and no one will remain unemployed.

10.Shree Bose.
Winner of Google's First Ever Global Science Fair, it was more about her passion for her research than the prize itself.She will find a cure for Cancer.
Cancer is considered as the most dreadful disease and technologically well equipped person taking up the cause for cure we may see a day where there will not any death due to cancer and Shree Bose will be a pioneer in leading the way.

11.Rohini Nilekani.
Founder Chairperson of Pratham Books,strives to give the children of our country a chance to explore the world of fantasy through story books.
In olden days when united family was the norm as children we used to run to our grandma or grandpa to tell stories.The technological advancement and emergence of nuclear families and putting our old people in old age homes has become order of the day,the efforts of Rohini Nilekani will fulfill the long felt need of having story books.

12.Neil Harbisson
He could not see colours. But his innovation has got perceiving colours to completely new level.Here him.
For Neil Harbisson in his childhood colour was mysterious. He could see only black & white and we see colours. He made it possible to hear colours as we see colours. His efforts to see colours through technological innovation has opened new doors for those who could not see colours to hear colours. His contribution for making a colourful life for many who are deprived of seeing colours

13.Matt Johnson.
Is here to talk about "Paper electronics" This has potential to question the fundamentals of our relationship with technology.
Technology has made progress by leaps and bounds,Paper electronics  of Matt Johnson will give a new direction and lead to technology which will move away from traditional  to multidimensional

14.Myshkin Ingawale.
Talks about his invention,the ToucHb, a substitute to $10000 machine which can be used the Nurses or Asha workers in rural areas to detect anaemia.
TouchHb is from Bioscience a blood testing without needles and democratising the medicine.
The nurses and  Asha workers in rural area will be greatly helped to render service to the needy without going through the process of taking them to cities where high technology..ToucHb is taking the medicine to rural at a very cheap rate so that no one is denied medical help.

15.Joao Lammoglia.
Smart Phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. But these smartphones come with a vice.They consume a lot of electricity which comes from non-renewable energy.
The use of smart phones and other important gadgets we use consume large electricity which is coming form non=renewable energy.He has found an alternative so that if all the renewable energy is lost it will have disastrous consequences to the entire mankind.His project of using the energy generated by our own body is transferred to the gadget so as to save other non renewable energy, He has shown the way and we must move forward in the directions he has shown to us to protect the future generation by saving non renewable energy and conserve it for future

16.Karthik Naralasetty.
Karthik has got people together using social media. He has innovation for adding scale to blood donation efforts. Hear the tale of this 'LIFE SAVER'
Karthik through Social media like face book,twitter could collect blood for the needy without much fanfare and making others in the social media to contribute to lessen the burden of other unknown people so that the precious life is saved with minimal time and  cost with maximum benefits and could save thousands of life and it we emulate the example set by him we can save lakhs of people.Facebook is now considered as the third largest population and its reach without any loss of time is immense. Through these social media we can persue a social cause of saving life of humans

17.Gaurav Tekriwal.
Maths.The very word makes your spine shiver! Gaurav However is a man with a very different plan.
Most of us dread the subject Maths and for  Gaurav it is so simple. He wants to share his talent of making maths simple to reach out to the maximum number of people and began his journey.He travelled too far and it is our bounden duty to make him reach still farther

18.Evan Grae Davis.
The three deadliest words in the world " It's a girl". Evan Grae Davis has travelled the world and wants to sensitise all of us through the language of his films.;
By the medium of Films Evan Grae Davis wants to convey his anguish against treating girl child and killing female foetus and protect them instead of stemming at its buds.Through the language of his films throughout the world he is trying to bring awareness and futility of denying the right to live with dignity to girl child.

 The entire Idea Caravan in which I could watch 18 outstanding people talk about their work and their contribution to the mankind and humanity made me think of myself as the most selfish person.All these 18 persons have changed the world in their own way through their innovations. They made an impact in the hearts and minds with whom they have come in contact. It is my duty and responsibility of taking it further to many more people so that they can continue the chain of taking it further forward to make it reach every human being living in this planet. Each and every one whose presentation I have heard inspires me and made me think to contribute the society and mankind who gave me everything I needed and I could not repay wee bit from my part.
It not only made me feel guilty and show my respect and admiration to all these people and bow my head with utmost respect.
I am not able to judge who is better or best. All in their own way gave up something to give everything to the whole world. May these tribe increase further so that we may live a happy and contented life forever.
Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.