Saturday, 21 December 2013

DOVE Guessing Game With My Friend- Felt the Difference

My guessing game continued till the last minute which friend to choose to take this test, what to write and on whom to write.  I have got lot of friends and very few use DOVE. Most of my friends used till recently Life Buoy.
Whom to choose for taking # Dove Face Test? Confused ......Confused......Confused.......????????????.
So finally I selected a friend of mine who have blind trust in me and started my test
Bar-Cream Beauty BathingBar-Gentle ExfoliatingBar-Fresh Moisture
1.Bar-Cream Beauty Bathing  Bar replenishes your skin’s lost moisture each time you use it.
Rich blend that moisturizes and hydrates
2.Bar-Gentle Exfoliating Exfoliates and moisturizes to expose fresh and beautiful skin.
3.Bar-Fresh Moisture Soothing light formula of cucumber and green tea.

Feel the difference with Dove!

I have selected one of my close friend and blindfolded him
I told him, every time he washed his face, it loses moisture? That’s because, most soaps while removing dirt, also clear away the natural oils and moisture from the skin. So, in addition to clean skin, one also gets extra-dry skin. 

What i proved my friend  need to do  is something that locks the moisture in his skin, keeping it hydrated and fresh. Something that moisturizes and restores the skin while it cleans. Something like the New Dove Beauty Bar. Don’t believe me? Take the Dove Face Test to find out! 

 I washed one side of my friends face with ordinary soap still blindfolded . Used Dove on the other and still blindfolded and he was not knowing which soap I was using on which side of his face. The soap side feels tight, rough. And New Dove Beauty Bar with ¼ moisturizing milk left his skin softer, smoother, fine lines are visibly reduced.

Now i asked him to tell me how he felt who is still blindfolded

My friends immediate reaction was that the side on which I have washed his face with New Dove Beauty Bar with 1/4 moisturising  gave him nicer feeling and promised that hearafter he will use nothing but Dove Soap.

Benefits of moisturizing

It’s an easy way to great skin
As opposed to beauty rituals that are likely to leave a gaping hole in your pocket, moisturizing your skin is an easy way to look beautiful. It is affordable and, best of all, doesn’t take much time or effort! 

Gave my friend a better complexion
Sometimes, dry and uneven skin can make a person look aged and dull. That’s why a moisturizing soap or a moisturizer is of utmost importance. 

It relieved skin tightness
Parched skin that appears dehydrated and feels tight after washing can be put into the dry skin category. The Dove Beauty Bar works well to prevent dry skin as it is enriched with ¼ moisturizing cream that leaves your skin softer and smoother.  

After I took The Dove Face Test with my friend he decided to Switch to Dove.
So I advice all my other friends to take  The Dove Face Test and even your friend will feel the difference and love to use Dove forever and ever! 

Try the New Dove Beauty Bar today and invite your friend to play the guessing game to see if he or she gets the Dove side right! Live happily and pleasantly ever thereafter.

This blog is written specifically to participate in the 

Dove Guessing Game with my friend!