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Lenovo #BetterWay
YOGA TABLET 10-Three modes
& 18 hours of battery,
voice calling
  • Android™ 4.2 Jelly Bean OS
  • 1.2GHz quad-core processor
  • 25.654 Cm HD display with multitouch
    and IPS technology
  • Front and rear cameras
  • Stereo speakers with Dolby®
    Digital Plus enhancement
  • 16GB storage and micro-SD
  • Starting at 615g (1.3 lbs)
  • Optional Magnetic keyboard

When sat for writing the blog post for this contest 3 questions were put into my mind are:
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1-What is my everyday life like with a tablet:

In answering the first questions I have to tell how I use my tablet throughout the day and the benefits or disadvantages I have while using the tablet throughout the day.
Before i started using my tablet i had to get up early in the morning and request my wife for a cup of bed tea and proceed to my desktop to see my mails and wherever necessary to reply them and note down the things to do for follow up on the day. The engagements of the day besides attending seminars,parties and to tell my wife whether I will join her for dinner or not depending on the dinner parties planned.
But once the tablet came to me that too after winning in a blog contest,my life style changed for the better.  I started setting my wake up alarm in the tablet itself and set it for 5.00 AM with high volume so that my wife too will wake up without any request from my side for a bed tea.
I also started reading my mails in the bed itself without going to the desktop. I also started reading daily newspapers from the both from English and vernacular that too headlines from almost all the newspapers. I also started reacting to many of the interesting news items and write comments as an expert suggesting policy changes even to the Prime Minister and other important dignitaries. I also replied to some of the tweets by suggesting solutions for the ever increasing problems of our country and some times even suggesting to President Obama not to criticize Bangalore replacing Silicon valley and taking away jobs from US citizens. I felt very happy that my suggestions in the tweets will be seriously looked into by our Prime Minister and US President. Once the daily chores are over my tablet will be with me in the breakfast table too looking at the reactions to my comments in the face book and twitter sometimes very appreciate and many times attracting criticism for my stupid ideas and political stance.I also felt happy whenever my comments are liked in face book and re tweeted or Favorited in twitter.So my day to day life seen a  change that I never imagined. I went to office quite rejuvenated thanks to my tablet.
Even though I used to take my tablet to my office,due to my occupation in the office I could not use much and therefore the role so far in my office life is yet to be explored. When BYOD is going to be implemented I may make full use of it.
As far as my personal life is concerned it has given me lot of happiness and contentment. I have no liberty to choose the channel I want once I come home. But after I started using tablet, I could use choose channels particularly news/business channels of my choice leaving the TV exclusively to my family. I could move around with my tablet to any place even to the dinner table and go to sleep with my tablet at my bedside. 
Everyday except on weekends it woke me up and guided me a regular work schedule. 
Tablet has changed my life style totally in my everyday life. 

2.Misadventures that I have had with a tablet
In spite of if many advantages my tablet also put me in an embarrassing position few times. Many young females sought my friendship in the face book and without batting an eyelid I accepted and in few cases had a very bitter experience. One such female friend aged around 21 wanted to meet me in person. Immediately I accepted that offer and arranged a lunch meeting at a 5 star hotel with all my credit cards in hand along with sufficient cash. But to my utter surprise and dismay that facebook friend turned out to be a male with an attractive & seductive female profile picture which was not his.                        
I can never forget this misadventure that my tablet brought into.Photo: Which mode do you love the most - Stand mode, Tent mode, Tablet mode or Laptop mode?
On another occasion also similar offer of meeting in person was made by an young female face book friend and I made sure that the friend is female and talked over phone to ensure that the voice is of female. Again I was fooled and the female friend turned out to be retired bank official aged around 60 using her retired time for having fun.My romantic instincts got blunted through these misadventures through my tablet. There are few other incidents which I am not able to share in this blog which will expose me to further ridicule  

3.What better way to use the new Lenovo Yoga Tablet?
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All the misadventures did not deter me to stop loving my tablets. I hopes of succeeding in my romantic adventures started blooming again with the hope of getting a YOGA TABLET which had some unique feature that were not there in the tablets used by me. 
I sought to find better way that will be provided by the yoga tablet so as to avoid the misadventures which has landed me in utter disappointment in my romantic maneuvers.
My dream to possess Yoga tablet that too YOGA TABLET 10 which can be used in a better way with its 3 modes and 18 hours battery life which will provide me uninterrupted usage while on the move. Once charged before leaving home from office I could use it till I come back home without recharging in between

PhotoPhoto: What game would you play on your Yoga Tablet?


A better way to hold the tablet,
A better way to view the tablet
A better way to stand the tablet.
Finally, a tablet that stands out LENOVO YOGA TABLET.
World's first multi mode tablet with hold,stand and tilt. What more can I ask for  A BETTER WAY?

 Photo: On Friday the 13th, what would you DO to bring you luck?

There is no need to seek any help from any body to find my way and my tablet shows me the way.
A better way.

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No danger. Nothing will happen even if something unforeseen happens.
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When YOGA TABLET IS with me  I feel better,secure and safe forever and ever.
Lenovo is also one of the most popular brands when it comes to buying desktops and laptops through the digitised medium and now it has become one in Tablets too.  Buy YOGA TABLETS  online in India. Thanks to its mid range pricing, Lenovo TABLETS price in India looks reasonable to many. So let us explore the brand that has created waves in the market with its superior products.
    • Lenovo has bypassed its own achievements. 
Today, Lenovo is one of the most preferred brands all over the world. It is the proud maker of a wide array of gadgets and devices like PCs, desktops, laptops,touch screen tablets, smartphones and smart televisions. It is also into building servers, workstations and storage devices (electronic) along with IT management software for home as well as business.

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